Quell'usignolo (che innamorato)


Quell'usignolo che innamorato, Study N°1
Philip V's armchair, with Ahlad Reddy, digital image produced by a generative adversarial network
Study for The Ear N°1, after 'De Visione, Voce et Auditu' by Hieronymous Fabricius
Performance with Erik Kallo and Poppy Shotts, Royal College of Art (Degree Show 2018)
Performance with Ana Beard Fernandez & Antonio Breitenfeld Sa-Dantas, Royal College of Art (Degree Show 2018)
Quell'usignolo che innamorato, STUDY N°1, Royal College of Art (Degree Show 2018)

This research plunges into the depth of a ritual that linked the 18th century castrato singer Farinelli to Spanish King Philip V: every night for a decade, Farinelli sang for the King to alleviate his melancholy.

Developed collaboratively with singers, children, sound engineers and an AI, this project is the attempt to recreate Farinelli’s voice and the king’s favourite song: Quell’usignolo che innamorato (that nightingale who is in love).

In recomposing this song and reviving the ghost of Farinelli through other sculptural elements, the artist attempts to express the anxiety that lies behind the human need to hear — and even produce — the purity of such voice.