Inim-gu-ba-ra-zu (my words are necessarily fragiles) is the reply of a letter written in 2400 BC, whose meaning is still the subject of various interpretations.

According to its caption at the Louvre Museum, this letter informs the king of Lagash of his son’s death. Yet nothing indicates to the many specialists the artist has been in contact with the presence of this fact. In her response to the priest Lu-enna, Deschamps talks about the possible misunderstandings that could occur between them, relating to the cultural, temporal and technological gaps that are separating their two eras.

Her text was translated from English to Sumerian by Assyriologists, and reproduced by the artist on a piece of clay.

Matthew Ong — Student from the department of Assyriology at Berkeley — and Martin Worthington — Senior Lecturer in Assyriology at the University of Cambridge