Ne plus être dans votre regard, c'est disparaître


Fondation Ricard, the 18th of January 2016

In this performance a 3D avatar - made from Judith Deschamps but no longer belonging to any genre - spoke to us about its condition as a fictional being.

Talking to the audience in English, the artist translated its words in French.

Not knowing what it is to be a human, to have a sex, to be an artist, but yet being in the position of representing her, this avatar questioned the nature and the limits of its virtual existence. It went through Deschamps female ancestor’s history, and questioned the elements that might have pushed her to create this genderless double of herself.

At the service of one another — the avatar was a digital translation of the artist while she was its interpreter — they both oscillated between a material and immaterial state and were constantly at the edge of disappearing.