Ne plus être dans votre regard, c'est disparaître


Fondation Ricard, January 18, 2016
Performance at the Ricard Foundation

In this performance, a virtual being made from the artist's body and voice but no longer belonging to any genre, tells us about its difficulty to exist. Not knowing what it is to be human, to be an artist or to have a sex, this avatar questions the cultural, historical and intimate elements that would have driven Judith Deschamps to create it, and that determine its own reality. Speaking directly to the public in English, the artist played the role of its interpreter.

At the service of one another — the avatar representing the artist and the artist translating it — their identities oscillated between a material and immaterial state, and were both at the edge of vanishing.

Collaboration on the 3D avatar: Paul Guilbert
Collaboration on stage direction: Sarah Kellal et Nathanaël Ruiz de Infante