5.76 cm3 of obscurity


5.76 cm3 of obscurity is the result of an experience, both absurd and impossible: the observation and the extraction of Deschamps's emotions.

After having undergone an MRI at the UCL Insitute of Neurology of London, she was able to locate and 3D print her amygdala, a structure of the temporal lobe, involved in the governance of our emotions.

They have been cast with a stainless steel from ThyssenKrupp, a German company which has facilitated and profited from the Nazi party during the Second World War, and which is today the number two in the steel sector in Europe.

The migration of the artist's amygdala via this industrial process, and its translation into a material that is still holding a part of her familial history, are the attempt to confront and exhume obscure areas of her body and history.

Renato Casciani, president of Les Amis du Frac
Department of Clinical and Experimental Epilepsy (UCL Insitute of Neurology of London)
RapidformRCA and Jewellery & Metal workshops, Royal College of Art, London
MRI Scan, 3D modelling, casting, TyssenKrupp stainless steel
Atelier Dreieck