Le(s) Débarras


After having graduated in 2011, I found myself at home, without any studio, without any network and without any tools to work with. I published "Le Débarras", a theatre piece addressed to Olivier Grasser, the director of FRAC Alsace, with the objective of making use of the storage room of his institution.

Today, although my situation has changed, I reactivate the composition in order to question the place of the piece in a collection, and of the collector within the path of an artist.

Built in three parts, the book-object contains "Le Débarras" in its script version, an interview with the art historian François Trahais, and a white book, anticipating the interview which we will experience with the collector of the piece.

More than an object, Le(s) Débarras is an intended instigation, an attempt to approach eight collectors, and to write a part of our story together. By discovering collectors before they discover me (and maybe by collecting collectors), I invert the logic of the system to which I am submitted, I overthrow the power relationship which exists between myself and the institution

Design & technical production : Pierre Vielcazat & Atelier Dreieck