A Talk to the Leftovers


Vue de l'installation, de Appel art centre, Amsterdam, 2013

A Talk to the Leftovers takes the form of a reconstituted and fantomatic conference, transposing
the “Bourgeois Leftovers” exhibit in which it is embedded, into the past, thus becoming itself a
“leftover”, a residue of anterior time.

The installation is composed of chairs, a table and a speaker’s chair, images projected on a
screen and an asexual voice personally addressing the audience, played by a pair of speakers.

The conference discusses dutch paintings of the 30s and 40s collected by the Van Abbemuseum and exposed at de Appel, and compares them to the nature of the images today.

It is not without irony that they question the place of the images in our lives and emphasizes the
incoherences with which the historic discourse restitutes the meaning of a work of art and of an